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About Us

The Colorado AFL-CIO is an organization made up of over 130,000 hardworking union members across 180 affiliate unions. Our members build and maintain vital infrastructure, provide healthcare and work the essential jobs that keep Colorado moving.

Union members have come together in the Colorado AFL-CIO for over 100 years to build a world where working people share in the prosperity of their communities and benefit from the fruits of their labor. Our members work hard on the shop floor and the halls of power to maintain dignity, safety and justice for all Coloradans.


Colorado’s history is the history of its working people - mining, milling and building the cities of the West. We’ve been the location of significant victories and challenges for workers.

Colorado has been a center for innovation in building strong unions. Denver Lawyer John Murphy helped successfully defend an 8-hour workday law for the first time. In the 1980’s Denver’s SEIU 105 led a campaign for Justice for Janitors that spread to Los Angeles and other cities. Denver janitors strike at the airport in 2021 is a continuation of this history.

For over 125 years, the Colorado AFL-CIO has been the leading voice for working people. Our earliest improvements, such as mechanics lien laws, licensures and minimum wage laws, have become the ground rules and are still benefiting hard working Coloradans.

Are you looking for information on an ancestor’s union history? Denver Public Library has great genealogical resources.

[PHOTO: Bryant Preston]

Bryant Preston