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Young Workers Summit March 15th

Len Harris
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The Summit will go beyond labor organizing, taking a good dip into how to organize your communities around things that affect your work and well-being. Workers are community members first and foremost, so helping bolster our communities, by extension, bolsters our work and vice versa. 

Here is a sneak peak of just some panels we’ll be hosting:

  • What is a Union, How do you form one, and Why?: We’ll go through the unionizing process, discuss some integral labor history, and why it’s imperative to us all. 
  • “The Future of Labor; Threats of an Environmental Change in Climate and AI”: We’ll discuss the benefits and obstacles of transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables, as well as the impending threat of AI and automation.
  • Civic Engagement, The 2024 Election, and the Power of Regional Organizing: We’ll touch on the importance of voting, but the greater importance of where those votes count most, and how to organize around issues that voting has fallen short on. 
  • Human Rights are Worker Rights: This panel will help connect the greater community struggles to our labor, and demonstrate how solidarity between those spaces, as we’ve seen in historical movements, is necessary to our success.

Attendees can expect us to go over some other pressing topics such as housing, public transportation, a 32-hour work week, tax justice, bridging generational divides and more!