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Public Speaking Gives You The Stomachache? We got the remedy, join Labor Slam!

Josh Obie
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The upcoming Labor Slam: Public Speaking Course Round #3 has been rescheduled for Wednesday, May 15th from 630-9pm in the large conference room at the AFL-CIO offices.  The May session has been rescheduled so union members can participate in May Day events on May 1st.

If you have already registered, you do not need to register again.  A calendar invite will be sent to registered participants on May 6th.     


Read what Round #2 participant, Greg, had to say about his experience!

The class was so real from start to finish.  It felt customized to each individual.  When we were coached on correctable behavior or practices in our speeches, it was approached in a very respectable manner. Definitely glad I came.
Greg Marshall, TLU 455

 On May 15th we will explore what it means to Get Your Head in the Game and How to Deliver.  If you've ever been: 

·  Anxious 

·  Nervous

·  Tapped Last minute to Testify or... 

·  To Give an On the Spot Interview or

·  To Make an Extemporaneous Speech...

... You won't want to miss this one!  

 PREPARE:  You’re invited to come prepared with a 90 second (hard out) prepared organizing pitch and be prepared to pull topics out of hat... literally! 

 This is a safe and supportive environment for Public Speakers with all levels of experience.  All members, in good standing, are welcome. 


Public Speaking is an Art form.  Done well it's engaging and transformative.  This ongoing series will provide information on the effective construction and delivery of various lengths and types of speeches necessary for those within the labor movement, skills that are transferable to all areas of your life.  

 You'll learn to construct and deliver a dynamic speech whether you have time to prepare or must deliver impromptu on the spot.  You'll be able to speak with confidence and authority, while still being relatable to your audience.  Most importantly, you'll learn to be comfortable in your own skin, maintaining your individuality while speaking on behalf of the common good. 

ABOUT THE FACILITATOR  ~ Sheila Ivy Traister

Sheila has been a leader in the labor movement since 1994 with a long record of success for her ability to advocate, organize, inform and inspire.  She is an award winning actor, writer, and director in the entertainment industry and has a successful private coaching practice. She helps not only creatives but corporate executives, lawyers, teachers, story slam artists, public speakers and laborers on the art of public speaking and effective communication.