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The Colorado Labor Lobby Corps program open for enrollment

Robert Lindgren
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The Colorado Labor Lobby Corps program gives union members who have demonstrated leadership abilities the opportunity to participate meaningfully in the legislative process at the Capitol. Corps members spend three rigorous days developing the political arsenal they need to influence policy for their local union. They will track legislation, hone their writing skills by drafting testimony and persuasive letters, and practice persuasive communication with elected leaders on critical issues. Members will emerge from the program thoroughly understanding the dynamics of the Capitol including how to move policy and how to build and utilize coalition relationships to advance strong, worker-focused policy in our State.

All corps members are trained to be assertive advocates, building a strong union for all members.  They work on the front lines of our struggle to increase our affiliate unions’ power and improve the lives of all working people. Corps members will return to their locals with improved leadership skills and the tools necessary to continue participating in organizing or political campaigns as volunteers in a meaningful capacity.

The lobby corps is made up of activists and leaders that energize other members to get involved. They work alongside staff and as a part of a campaign team in the field talking to members and workers at their work sites, homes and anywhere they can connect.

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