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2024 Colorado AFL-CIO Legislative Priorities

Robert Lindgren
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The Colorado AFL-CIO’s 2024 legislative priorities make it easier for workers to form a union if they choose, to provide customers and their drivers more transparency in where their money goes after they pay for their online delivery order or ride, for improvements in rail safety, school with better air quality, labor standards for high quality internet, and public defenders caseloads that are sustainable. As this very busy legislative session wraps up by May 8th, we need to make sure our voices are heard.

HB24-1260, “Worker Freedom Act” 

The bill stops employers from making employees join religious or political meetings, including anti-union meetings. Employees can't be punished for refusing to attend such meetings. Exceptions apply for essential job duties such as sexual harassment training or diversity training. 


HB24-1030, "Railroad Safety Requirements" 

This bill requires a railroad to move a train to allow for emergency vehicles, provide training and safety drills to first responders to prepare them to respond to hazardous materials incidents, prevent railroads from running trains longer that 8500 feet, require hot bearing and dragging detectors every ten miles that notify the crew on the train of problems (not just the operations center), allows designated rail worker representatives access to incident sites to provide transparency in investigations, and mandates minimum insurance requirements for railroads carrying hazardous materials through our communities.


SB24-075, "Transportation Network Company Transparency" 

The bill establishes transparency requirements for transportation network companies (TNCs), including payment disclosures to the driver (including tips), contract provisions, driver deactivation policies, safety measures, reporting to the state, and enforcement mechanisms.

HB24-1129, “Delivery Network Company Transparency” 

The bill establishes transparency requirements for delivery companies, including payments to drivers disclosures (including tips), contract provisions, time to make a decision on whether to accept an order, safety measures, and enforcement mechanisms.

HB 24-1289 “Workload Standards for Office of State Public Defender” 

This bill mandates the state public defender's office set rules to figure out when a deputy public defender has too much work to do their job well. 

HB24-1307, “HVAC Improvements for Public Schools” 

The bill provides support for school districts seeking grants to make improvements to HVAC systems using federal funds. 

HB24-1245, “Fair Labor Practice Requirement for Broadband Projects” 

This bill requires fair labor practices when distributing federal funds for Broadband projects and to pay prevailing wages for large projects.