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2022 Colorado AFL-CIO Endorsements

Governor of Colorado

Jared Polis

U.S. Senate

Michael Bennet 

Colorado Secretary of State 

Jena Griswold

Colorado State Treasurer 

Dave Young 

Colorado Attorney General 

Phil Weiser


U.S. House 

District 1 - Dianna DeGette

District 2 - Joe Neguse

District 3 - Adam Frisch 

District 6 - Jason Crow 

District 7 - Brittany Pettersen 

District 8 - Yadira Caraveo 


Colorado State Senate

District 3 Nick Hinrichsen

District 9 Arik Dougherty

District 11 Tony Exum

District 15 Janice Marchman

District 20 Lisa Cutter

District 22 Jessie Danielson

District 24 Kyle Mullica

District 25 Faith Winter

District 27 Tom Sullivan

District 32 Robert Rodriguez

District 34 Julie Gonzales


Colorado State House 

District 1 Javier Mabrey

District 2 Steven Woodrow

District 3 Meg Froelich

District 4 Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez

District 6 Elisabeth Epps

District 7 Jennifer Bacon

District 8 Leslie Herod

District 9 Emily Sirota

District 10 Junie Joseph 

District 11 Karen McCormick

District 12 Tracey Bernett

District 13 Julie McCluskie

District 14 Rob Rogers

District 15 Alvin Sexton 

District 16 Stephanie Vigil

District 17 Regina English

District 19 Jennifer Parenti

District 22 Blake Garner

District 23 Monica Duran

District 24 Lindsey Daugherty

District 25 Tammy Story

District 26 Meghan Lukens

District 27 Brianna Titone

District 28 Sheila Lieder

District 30 Chris Kennedy

District 31 Said Sharbini

District 32 Dafna Michaelson-Jenet

District 33 William Lindstedt

District 34 Jenny Willford

District 36 Mike Weissman

District 37 Ruby Dickson

District 38 David Ortiz

District 39 Eric Brody

District 41 Iman Jodeh

District 42 Mandy Lindsay

District 45 Ruby Martinez

District 46 Tisha Mauro

District 49 Judy Amabile

District 50 Mary Young

District 52 Cathy Kipp

District 53 Andrew Boesenecker

District 57 Elizabeth Velasco

District 59 Barbara McLachlan

District 61 Eliza Hamrick

District 62 Matthew Martinez

District 65 Lisa Chollet


Colorado State Board of Education 

District 6 Rebecca McClellan

District 8 Rhonda Solis

At-Large Kathy Plomer 


Ballot Measures 


Support - Amendment E - Homestead exemption for gold star families

Support - Proposition FF - Healthy School Meals for All 

Support - Proposition GG - Ballot Transparency; tax payer impact 

Oppose - Proposition 121 - Reduce State Revenue

Support - Proposition 123 - Affordable Housing

Oppose - Proposition 126 - Alcohol Delivery


County Races


Arapahoe County Commissioner District 4 Leslie Summey

Arapahoe County Commissioner District 2 Jessica Campbell-Swanson

Adams County Commissioner District 3 Emma Pinter

Adams County Commissioner District 4 Steve O'Dorisio

Adams County Clerk and Recorder Josh Zygielbaum

Jefferson County Commissioner District 3 Lesley Dahlkemper

Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Amanda Gonzalez

Jefferson County Coroner Annette Cannon

Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Toni Baker

Larimer County Coroner Stephen Hanks

Mesa County Commissioner District 2 Charles Pink

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Jeff Waldon

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Bobbie Bross

Mesa County Coroner Meaghan Johnson

Pueblo County Commissioner District 3 Roxi Pignanelli


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